BK Collective

BK Membership is solid gold.


BK Collective aka BK's Membership. The whole idea behind BK can be crystallized in BK Collective: unlimited training possibilities, great community and excellent benefits to support your training!

Most importantly you have all the halls in your disposal 24/7! In addition to discounts on nearly all of our products, they also get special discounts on numerous services and BK Collective members can bring their friends to climb once a month. They are also welcome to attend Member cup competitions every month!

The community of the BK Collective and more info on upcoming events can be found on the Facebook group.

Upcoming events:

BK Collective's (BK's yearly members') events are shown in the calendar. We have already marked all the yearly members' monthly competitions for 2018 in the calendar. We will update the location closer to the event. Collective CUP's combined results can be found here.

In 2018 we will also organise a BK CUP which includes four competitions that will be held alongside the Collective's competitions. CUP is open for everyone. More information about the CUP on Facebook and on the news section.

Others provide good solutions. We create excellent problems.


The most best bouldering with a single pass! Boulder Center has climbing for everyone, from beginner to a pro and from a baby to a granny! Come and try climbing!


Kertamaksu 12e
10 Kerran Kortti 90e
Kuukausikortti 75e

Kymmenen kerran kortti on arvokortti, jolle ladataan arvoa. Veloitus on 9 noppaa per kerta, arkisin 10-15 välillä 7.5 noppaa

Student discount -10%. Take your student card or student verification with you! Climbers under age of 14 only with adult supervision!

Check also group prices for companies and students.

See more detailed pricelist here

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Opening hours

BK Pasila
Mon-Fri 10-21
Sat 12-18
Sun 12-18

BK Konala
Mon-Fri 10-21
Sat 12-18
Sun 12-18

BK Herttoniemi
Mon-Fri 10-21
Sat 12-18
Sun 12-18

BK Espoo
Mon-Fri 10-21
Sat 10-18
Sun 10-18

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Contact info


BK Pasila
Veturitallinkuja 4
00520 Helsinki
Phone 050 - 551 5855

BK Konala
Ruosilantie 1
00390 Helsinki
Phone 044 - 550 4154

BK Herttoniemi
Mekaanikonkatu 15A
00880 Helsinki
Phone 050 - 441 7489

BK Espoo
Niittyrinne 2B
02270 Espoo
Phone 050 - 443 2340

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